PocketRTA HD - Spectrum Analyzer App Reviews

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Loved the app until I bought an iPad Pro

I have been using this app for a long time both on my iPhone and iPad. Unfortunately when I decommissioned my old iPad and installed on my new iPad Pro the app loads, but the display of info is all screwed up and renders the app unusable. Really a shame as this app is really cool with tons of useful features. I’m hoping for a firmware software fix for the issue

Good Pro Audio RTA

This really is a good rta tool with many features. You can easily calibrate the internal mic for a more accurate response however the noise floor of the internal mic is a little high to be used in lower volume settings. It would be really great if the Spectrogram could be logarithmic.

Cool tool

I took a chance in buying a Shure X2U interface and it works great with your app as long as I use a USB hub and plug in the interface after starting the app. I can now use any mic I want with my iPad (even phantom powered). It's great to have a separate profile for the internal mic and external mic. I just calibrated the external mic at 105db and it passed with flying colors.

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